Prof. Dorit Aharonov - Publications

Fast-forwarding of Hamiltonians and exponentially precise measurements
Atia, Y; Aharonov, D;
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 8 Article Number: 1572 Published: NOV 17 2017 (Link)
Aharonov, D; Chailloux, A; Ganz, M; Kerenidis, I; Magnin, L;
SIAM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING Volume: 45 Issue: SI Published: 2016 (Link)
Quantum Error-Correction-Enhanced Magnetometer Overcoming the Limit Imposed by Relaxation
Herrera-Marti, DA; Gefen, T; Aharonov, D; Katz, N; Retzker, A;
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 115 Issue: 20 Article Number: 200501 Published: NOV 9 2015 (Link)
Aharonov, D; Eldar, L;
SIAM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING Volume: 44 Issue: 5 Published: 2015 (Link)
The commuting local Hamiltonian problem on locally expanding graphs is approximable in NP
Aharonov, D; Eldar, L;
QUANTUM INFORMATION PROCESSING Volume: 14 Issue: 1 Published: JAN 2015 (Link)
Trusted entanglement
Aharonov, D;
NATURE Volume: 496 Issue: 7446 Published: APR 25 2013
The detectability lemma and its applications to quantum Hamiltonian complexity
Aharonov, D; Arad, I; Vazirani, U; Landau, Z;
NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 13 Article Number: 113043 Published: NOV 30 2011 (Link)
The BQP-hardness of approximating the Jones polynomial
Aharonov, D; Arad, I;
NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 13 Article Number: 035019 Published: MAR 22 2011 (Link)
Efficient algorithm for approximating one-dimensional ground states
Aharonov, D; Arad, I; Irani, S;
PHYSICAL REVIEW A Volume: 82 Issue: 1 Article Number: 012315 Published: JUL 16 2010 (Link)
A Polynomial Quantum Algorithm for Approximating the Jones Polynomial
Aharonov, D; Jones, V; Landau, Z;
ALGORITHMICA Volume: 55 Issue: 3 Published: NOV 2009 (Link)
The Power of Quantum Systems on a Line
Aharonov, D; Gottesman, D; Irani, S; Kempe, J;
COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS Volume: 287 Issue: 1 Published: APR 2009 (Link)
Adiabatic Quantum Computation Is Equivalent to Standard Quantum Computation
Aharonov, D; van Dam, W; Kempe, J; Landau, Z; Lloyd, S; Regev, O;
SIAM REVIEW Volume: 50 Issue: 4 Published: DEC 2008 (Link)
Aharonov, D; Ben-Or, M;
SIAM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING Volume: 38 Issue: 4 Published: 2008 (Link)
Quantum Circuit Depth Lower Bounds For Homological Codes
orit Aharonov, Yonathan Touati
Published: 9 Oct 2018 (Link)
A Quantum inspired proof of $P^{\#P} \subseteq IP$
orit Aharonov, Ayal Green
Published: 25 Oct 2017 (Link)
Dining Philosophers, Leader Election and Ring Size problems, in the quantum setting
orit Aharonov, Maor Ganz, Loick Magnin
Published: 4 Jul 2017 (Link)
Interactive Proofs for Quantum Computations
orit Aharonov, Michael Ben-Or, Elad Eban, Urmila Mahadev
Published: 14 Apr 2017 (Link)
A simpler proof of existence of quantum weak coin flipping with arbitrarily small bias
orit Aharonov, André Chailloux, Maor Ganz, Iordanis Kerenidis, Loïck Magnin
Published: 28 Feb 2014 (Link)
Quantum Locally Testable Codes
orit Aharonov, Lior Eldar
Published: 21 Oct 2013 (Link)
Commuting Local Hamiltonians on Expanders, Locally Testable Quantum codes, and the qPCP conjecture
orit Aharonov, Lior Eldar
Published: 15 Jan 2013 (Link)
Is Quantum Mechanics Falsifiable? A computational perspective on the foundations of Quantum Mechanics
orit Aharonov, Umesh Vazirani
Published: 16 Jun 2012 (Link)
Quantum Hamiltonian complexity and the detectability lemma
orit Aharonov, Itai Arad, Zeph Landau, Umesh Vazirani
Published: 15 Nov 2010 (Link)

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