Prof. Michael Ben-Or - Publications

Ben-Or, M; Hassidim, A; Pilpel, H;
SIAM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING Volume: 43 Issue: 3 Published: 2014 (Link)
Trading help for interaction in statistical zero-knowledge proofs
Ben-Or, M; Gutfreund, D;
JOURNAL OF CRYPTOLOGY Volume: 16 Issue: 2 Published: SPR 2003 (Link)
Interactive Proofs for Quantum Computations
Dorit Aharonov, Michael Ben-Or, Elad Eban, Urmila Mahadev
Published: 14 Apr 2017 (Link)
A Quasi-Random Approach to Matrix Spectral Analysis
Michael Ben-Or, Lior Eldar
Published: 29 May 2015 (Link)
Optimal algorithms for linear algebra by quantum inspiration
Michael Ben-Or, Lior Eldar
Published: 13 Dec 2013
Quantum Refrigerator
Michael Ben-Or, Daniel Gottesman, Avinatan Hassidim
Published: 9 Jan 2013 (Link)
A Fault-Resistant Asynchronous Clock Function
Ezra N. Hoch, Michael Ben-Or, Danny Dolev
Published: 10 Jul 2010 (Link)
Simple Gradecast Based Algorithms
Michael Ben-Or, Danny Dolev, Ezra N. Hoch
Published: 7 Jul 2010 (Link)

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