Prof. Yossi Paltiel - Publications

Proximity Effect through Chiral Molecules in Nb-Graphene-Based Devices
Sukenik, N; Alpern, H; Katzir, E; Yochelis, S; Millo, O; Paltiel, Y;
ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Article Number: 1700300 Published: APR 2018 (Link)
Fast Energy Transfer in CdSe Quantum Dot Layered Structures: Controlling Coupling with Covalent-Bond Organic Linkers
Cohen, E; Komm, P; Rosenthal-Strauss, N; Dehnel, J; Lifshitz, E; Yochelis, S; Levine, RD; Remacle, F; et al.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Volume: 122 Issue: 10 Published: MAR 15 2018 (Link)
Chiral Molecule-Enhanced Extinction Ratios of Quantum Dots Coupled to Random Plasmonic Structures
Bezen, L; Yochelis, S; Jayarathna, D; Bhunia, D; Achim, C; Paltiel, Y;
LANGMUIR Volume: 34 Issue: 9 Published: MAR 6 2018 (Link)
Concentration-based self-assembly of phycocyanin
Eisenberg, I; Harris, D; Levi-Kalisman, Y; Yochelis, S; Shemesh, A; Ben-Nissan, G; Sharon, M; Raviv, U; et al.
PHOTOSYNTHESIS RESEARCH Volume: 134 Issue: 1 Published: OCT 2017 (Link)
Magnetic Nanoplatelet-Based Spin Memory Device Operating at Ambient Temperatures
Koplovitz, G; Primc, D; Ben Dor, O; Yochelis, S; Rotem, D; Porath, D; Paltiel, Y;
ADVANCED MATERIALS Volume: 29 Issue: 17 Article Number: 1606748 Published: MAY 3 2017 (Link)
Unusual ZFC and FC magnetic behavior in thin Co multi-layered structure
Ben-Dor, O; Yochelis, S; Felner, I; Paltiel, Y;
Probing Molecular-Transport Properties using the Superconducting Proximity Effect
Katzir, E; Sukenik, N; Kalcheim, Y; Alpern, H; Yochelis, S; Berlin, YA; Ratner, MA; Millo, O; et al.
SMALL METHODS Volume: 1 Issue: 3 Article Number: UNSP 1600034 Published: MAR 13 2017 (Link)
Achieving Exciton Delocalization in Quantum Dot Aggregates Using Organic Linker Molecules
Cohen, E; Gdor, I; Romero, E; Yochelis, S; van Grondelle, R; Paltiel, Y;
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS Volume: 8 Issue: 5 Published: MAR 2 2017 (Link)
Sensory properties of oxide films with high concentrations of conduction electrons
Kozhushner, MA; Bodneva, VL; Belysheva, TV; Gerasimov, GN; Gromov, VF; Ikim, MI; Paltiel, Y; Spiridonova, EY; et al.
RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A Volume: 91 Issue: 3 Published: MAR 2017 (Link)
Magnetization switching in ferromagnets by adsorbed chiral molecules without current or external magnetic field
Ben Dor, O; Yochelis, S; Radko, A; Vankayala, K; Capua, E; Capua, A; Yang, SH; Baczewski, LT; et al.
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 8 Article Number: 14567 Published: FEB 23 2017 (Link)
Self-formed nanogap junctions for electronic detection and characterization of molecules and quantum dots
Ziv, A; Tzaguy, A; Hazut, O; Yochelis, S; Yerushalmi, R; Paltiel, Y;
RSC ADVANCES Volume: 7 Issue: 42 Published: 2017 (Link)
Unconventional superconductivity induced in Nb films by adsorbed chiral molecules
Alpern, H; Katzir, E; Yochelis, S; Katz, N; Paltiel, Y; Millo, O;
NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 18 Article Number: 113048 Published: NOV 24 2016 (Link)
Coupling Quantum Emitters to Random 2D Nanoplasmonic Structures
Purcell, TAR; Galanty, M; Yochelis, S; Paltiel, Y; Seideman, T;
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Volume: 120 Issue: 38 Published: SEP 29 2016 (Link)
Features of the electrical and photoelectrical properties of nanocrystalline indium and zinc oxide films
Belysheva, TV; Ikim, MI; Il'in, AS; Kashkarov, PK; Martyshov, MN; Paltiel, Y; Trakhtenberg, LI; Fantina, NP; et al.
RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B Volume: 10 Issue: 5 Published: SEP 2016 (Link)
Hybrid Sensor Based on AIGaN/GaN Molecular Controlled Device
Eckshtain-Levi, M; Capua, E; Paltiel, Y; Naaman, R;
ACS SENSORS Volume: 1 Issue: 2 Published: FEB 2016 (Link)
Cold denaturation induces inversion of dipole and spin transfer in chiral peptide monolayers
Eckshtain-Levi, M; Capua, E; Refaely-Abramson, S; Sarkar, S; Gavrilov, Y; Mathew, SP; Paltiel, Y; Levy, Y; et al.
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 7 Article Number: 10744 Published: FEB 2016 (Link)
Simple down conversion nano-crystal coatings for enhancing Silicon-solar cells efficiency
Neubauer, A; Yochelis, S; Mittelman, G; Eisenberg, I; Paltiel, Y;
AIMS MATERIALS SCIENCE Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Published: 2016 (Link)
Atomic structure and composition distribution in wetting layers and islands of germanium grown on silicon (001) substrates
Brehm, M; Groiss, H; Bauer, G; Gerthsen, D; Clarke, R; Paltiel, Y; Yacoby, Y;
NANOTECHNOLOGY Volume: 26 Issue: 48 Article Number: 485702 Published: DEC 4 2015 (Link)
Extinction Enhancement from a Self-Assembled Quantum Dots Mono layer Using a Simple Thin Films Process
Galanty, M; Yochelis, S; Stern, L; Dujovne, I; Levy, U; Paltiel, Y;
Journal of Physical Chemistry C Volume: 119 Issue: 44 Published: NOV 5 2015 (Link)
Nanoscale Charge Separation Using Chiral Molecules
Peer, N; Dujovne, I; Yochelis, S; Paltiel, Y;
ACS PHOTONICS Volume: 2 Issue: 10 Published: OCT 2015 (Link)
An easily reversible structural change underlies mechanisms enabling desert crust cyanobacteria to survive desiccation
Bar-Eyal, L; Eisenberg, I; Faust, A; Raanan, H; Nevo, R; Rappaport, F; Krieger-Liszkay, A; Setif, P; et al.
BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOENERGETICS Volume: 1847 Issue: 10 Published: OCT 2015 (Link)
Dual mode UV/visible-IR gallium-nitride light detector
Eisenberg, I; Alpern, H; Gutkin, V; Yochelis, S; Paltiel, Y;
SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL Volume: 233 Published: SEP 1 2015 (Link)
Highly sensitive room temperature infrared hybrid organic-nanocrystal detector
Neubauer, A; Yochelis, S; Amit, Y; Banin, U; Paltiel, Y;
SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL Volume: 229 Published: JUN 15 2015 (Link)
Low propagation loss in GaN/AlGaN-based ridge waveguides
Westreich, O; Katz, M; Paltiel, Y; Ternyak, O; Sicron, N;
Hemin-G-quadruplex-crosslinked poly-N-isopropylacrylamide hydrogel: a catalytic matrix for the deposition of conductive polyaniline
Lu, CH; Guo, WW; Qi, XJ; Neubauer, A; Paltiel, Y; Willner, I;
CHEMICAL SCIENCE Volume: 6 Issue: 11 Published: 2015 (Link)
Nano bio optically tunable composite nanocrystalline cellulose films
Nevo, Y; Peer, N; Yochelis, S; Igbaria, M; Meirovitch, S; Shoseyov, O; Paltiel, Y;
RSC ADVANCES Volume: 5 Issue: 10 Published: 2015 (Link)
Properties of Self-Assembled Hybrid Organic Molecule/Quantum Dot Multilayered Structures
Cohen, E; Gruber, M; Romero, E; Yochelis, S; van Grondelle, R; Paltiel, Y;
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Volume: 118 Issue: 44 Published: NOV 6 2014 (Link)
Increasing the critical temperature of Nb films by chemically linking magnetic nanoparticles using organic molecules
Katzir, E; Yochelis, S; Zeides, F; Katz, N; Behrens, S; Kalcheim, Y; Millo, O; Paltiel, Y; et al.
EPL Volume: 108 Issue: 3 Article Number: 37006 Published: NOV 2014 (Link)
Full Spectral and Angular Characterization of Highly Directional Emission from Nanocrystal Quantum Dots Positioned on Circular Plasmonic Lenses
Harats, MG; Livneh, N; Zaiats, G; Yochelis, S; Paltiel, Y; Lifshitz, E; Rapaport, R;
NANO LETTERS Volume: 14 Issue: 10 Published: OCT 2014 (Link)
Self-assembling hybrid diamond-biological quantum devices
Albrecht, A; Koplovitz, G; Retzker, A; Jelezko, F; Yochelis, S; Porath, D; Nevo, Y; Shoseyov, O; et al.
NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 16 Article Number: 093002 Published: SEP 4 2014 (Link)
Tunable inkjet printed hybrid carbon nanotubes/nanocrystals light sensor
Katzir, E; Yochelis, S; Paltiel, Y; Azoubel, S; Shimoni, A; Magdassi, S;
SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL Volume: 196 Published: JUN 2014 (Link)
Room temperature biological quantum random walk in phycocyanin nanowires
Eisenberg, I; Yochelis, S; Ben-Harosh, R; David, L; Faust, A; Even-Dar, N; Taha, H; Haegel, NM; et al.
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 16 Issue: 23 Published: 2014 (Link)
Highly directional emission and photon beaming from nanocrystal quantum dots embedded in metallic nanoslit arrays
Nitzan Livneh, Ayelet Strauss, Ilai Schwarz, Itamar Rosenberg, Adiel Zimran, Shira Yochelis, Gang Chen, Uri Banin, et al.
Published: 19 Jan 2011

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