Prof. Guy Ron - Publications

The Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility (SARAF): Overview, research programs and future plans
Mardor, I; Aviv, O; Avrigeanu, M; Berkovits, D; Dahan, A; Dickel, T; Eliyahu, I; Gai, M; et al.
EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A Volume: 54 Issue: 5 Article Number: 91 Published: MAY 31 2018 (Link)
Beta spectrum of unique first-forbidden decays as a novel test forfundamental symmetries
Glick-Magid, A; Mishnayot, Y; Mukul, I; Hass, M; Vaintraub, S; Ron, G; Gazit, D;
PHYSICS LETTERS B Volume: 767 Published: APR 10 2017 (Link)
Investigation of different magnetic field configurations using an electrical, modular Zeeman slower
Ohayon, B; Ron, G;
REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS Volume: 86 Issue: 10 Article Number: 103110 Published: OCT 2015 (Link)
Experimental study of the $γp\rightarrow K^0Σ^+$, $γn\rightarrow K^0Λ$, and $γn\rightarrow K^0 Σ^0$ reactions at the Mainz Microtron
.S. Akondi, K. Bantawa, D.M. Manley, S. Abt, P. Achenbach, F. Afzal, P. Aguar-Bartolomé, Z. Ahmed, et al.
Published: 13 Nov 2018 (Link)
First measurement of helicity-dependent cross sections in pi0-eta photoproduction from quasi-free nucleons
. Käser, M. Dieterle, L. Witthauer, S. Abt, P. Achenbach, P. Adlarson, F. Afzal, Z. Ahmed, et al.
Published: 5 Oct 2018 (Link)
Deuteron photodisintegration by polarized photons in the region of the $d^*(2380)$
. Bashkanov, S. Kay, D.P. Watts, C. Mullen, S. Abt, P. Achenbach, P. Adlarson, F. Afzal, et al.
Published: 25 Sep 2018 (Link)
Photoproduction of {\boldmath{$π^{0}$}} Mesons off Protons and Neutrons in the Second and Third Nucleon Resonance Region
.Dieterle, D.Werthmüller, S.Abt, F.Afzal, P.Aguar Bartolome, Z.Ahmed, J.Ahrens, J.R.M.Annand, et al.
Published: 26 May 2018 (Link)
Components of polarization-transfer to a bound proton in a deuteron measured by quasi-elastic electron scattering
1 Collaboration: D. Izraeli (1), I. Yaron (1), B.S. Schlimme (2), P. Achenbach (2), H. Arenhövel (2), A. Ashkenazi (1), J. Beričič (3), R. Böhm (2), et al.
Published: 4 Jan 2018 (Link)
Measurement of polarization-transfer to bound protons in carbon and its virtuality dependence
1 Collaboration: D. Izraeli (1), T. Brecelj (2), P. Achenbach (3), A. Ashkenazi (1), R. Böhm (3), E. O. Cohen (1), M. O. Distler (3), A. Esser (3), et al.
Published: 27 Nov 2017 (Link)
A new scheme to measure the electron-neutrino correlation - the case of $^{6}$He
. Mukul (1), M. Hass (1), O. Heber (1), T. Y. Hirsh (2), Y. Mishnayot (1, 2, 3), M. L. Rappaport (1), et al.
Published: 22 Nov 2017 (Link)
Technical Design Report for the Paul Scherrer Institute Experiment R-12-01.1: Studying the Proton "Radius" Puzzle with μp Elastic Scattering
. Gilman, E.J. Downie, G. Ron, S. Strauch, A. Afanasev, A. Akmal, J. Arrington, H. Atac, et al.
Published: 27 Sep 2017 (Link)
Beta spectrum of unique first-forbidden decays as a novel test for fundamental symmetries
yala Glick-Magid (HUJI), Yonatan Mishnayot (HUJI, WIS, SNRC), Ish Mukul (WIS), Michael Hass (WIS), Guy Ron (HUJI), Sergey Vaintraub (SNRC), et al.
Published: 12 Sep 2016 (Link)
Polarization-transfer measurement to a large-virtuality bound proton in the deuteron
1 Collaboration: I. Yaron (1), D. Izraeli (1), P. Achenbach (2), H. Arenhövel (2), J. Beričič (3), R. Böhm (2), D. Bosnar (4), L. Debenjak (3), et al.
Published: 19 Feb 2016 (Link)
Electroexcitation of the $Δ^{+}(1232)$ at low momentum transfer
. Blomberg, D. Anez, N. Sparveris, A. Sarty, M. Paolone, S. Gilad, D. Higinbotham, A. R. Abudureyimu, et al.
Published: 2 Sep 2015 (Link)
A new measurement of the neutron detection efficiency for the NaI Crystal Ball detector
. Martemianov, V. Kulikov, B. T. Demissie, Z. Marinides, C. S. Akondi, J. R. M. Annand, H. J. Arends, R. Beck, et al.
Published: 25 Feb 2015 (Link)
Characterization of a metastable neon beam extracted from a commercial RF ion source
. Ohayon, E. Wåhlin, G. Ron
Published: 21 Nov 2014 (Link)
3D Printing of Scintillating Materials
. Mishnayot, M. Layani, I. Cooperstein, S. Magdassi, G. Ron
Published: 15 Jun 2014 (Link)
Power broadening effects on Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in $^{20}$Ne vapor
oaz Lubotzky, David Shwa, Tao Kong, Nadav Katz, Guy Ron
Published: 25 Feb 2014 (Link)
Studying the Proton "Radius" Puzzle with μp Elastic Scattering
. Gilman, E.J. Downie, G. Ron, A. Afanasev, J. Arrington, O. Ates, F. Benmokhtar, J. Bernauer, et al.
Published: 9 Mar 2013 (Link)

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