Prof. Ronen Rapaport - Publications

Fully Guided Electrically Controlled Exciton Polaritons
Liran, D; Rosenberg, I; West, K; Pfeiffer, L; Rapaport, R;
ACS PHOTONICS Volume: 5 Issue: 11 Published: NOV 2018 (Link)
Strongly interacting dipolar-polaritons
Rosenberg, I; Liran, D; Mazuz-Harpaz, Y; West, K; Pfeiffer, L; Rapaport, R;
SCIENCE ADVANCES Volume: 4 Issue: 10 Article Number: eaat8880 Published: OCT 2018 (Link)
Accurate placement of single nanoparticles on opaque conductive structures
Nikolay, N; Sadzak, N; Dohms, A; Lubotzky, B; Abudayyeh, H; Rapaport, R; Benson, O;
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 113 Issue: 11 Article Number: 113107 Published: SEP 10 2018 (Link)
Quantum emitters coupled to circular nanoantennas for high-brightness quantum light sources
Abudayyeh, HA; Rapaport, R;
QUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Article Number: UNSP 034004 Published: SEP 1 2017 (Link)
Transition from spin-orbit to hyperfine interaction dominated spin relaxation in a cold fluid of dipolar excitons
Finkelstein, R; Cohen, K; Jouault, B; West, K; Pfeiffer, LN; Vladimirova, M; Rapaport, R;
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 96 Issue: 8 Article Number: 085404 Published: AUG 2 2017 (Link)
Condensation to a strongly correlated dark fluid of two dimensional dipolar excitons
Mazuz-Harpaz, Y; Cohen, K; Rapaport, R;
Radiative lifetimes of dipolar excitons in double quantum wells
Mazuz-Harpaz, Y; Cohen, K; Laikhtman, B; Rapaport, R;
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 95 Issue: 15 Article Number: 155302 Published: APR 4 2017 (Link)
Design, fabrication and characterization of a hybrid metal-dielectric nanoantenna with a single nanocrystal for directional single photon emission
Harats, MG; Livneh, N; Rapaport, R;
OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS Volume: 7 Issue: 3 Published: MAR 1 2017 (Link)
Vertically coupled dipolar exciton molecules
Cohen, K; Khodas, M; Laikhtman, B; Santos, PV; Rapaport, R;
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 93 Issue: 23 Article Number: 235310 Published: JUN 23 2016 (Link)
Dark High Density Dipolar Liquid of Excitons
Cohen, K; Shilo, Y; West, K; Pfeiffer, L; Rapaport, R;
NANO LETTERS Volume: 16 Issue: 6 Published: JUN 2016 (Link)
Electrically controlled mutual interactions of flying waveguide dipolaritons
Rosenberg, I; Mazuz-Harpaz, Y; Rapaport, R; West, K; Pfeiffer, L;
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 93 Issue: 19 Article Number: 195151 Published: MAY 24 2016 (Link)
Highly Directional Room-Temperature Single Photon Device
Livneh, N; Harats, MG; Istrati, D; Eisenberg, HS; Rapaport, R;
NANO LETTERS Volume: 16 Issue: 4 Published: APR 2016 (Link)
Quantitative Angle-Resolved Small-Spot Reflectance Measurements on Plasmonic Perfect Absorbers: Impedance Matching and Disorder Effects
Tittl, A; Harats, MG; Walter, R; Yin, XH; Schaferling, M; Liu, N; Rapaport, R; Giessen, H; et al.
ACS NANO Volume: 8 Issue: 10 Published: OCT 2014 (Link)
Full Spectral and Angular Characterization of Highly Directional Emission from Nanocrystal Quantum Dots Positioned on Circular Plasmonic Lenses
Harats, MG; Livneh, N; Zaiats, G; Yochelis, S; Paltiel, Y; Lifshitz, E; Rapaport, R;
NANO LETTERS Volume: 14 Issue: 10 Published: OCT 2014 (Link)
Particle correlations and evidence for dark state condensation in a cold dipolar exciton fluid
Shilo, Y; Cohen, K; Laikhtman, B; West, K; Pfeiffer, L; Rapaport, R;
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 4 Article Number: 2335 Published: AUG 2013 (Link)
Theory and experiments of Bragg cavity modes in passive and active metallic nanoslit array devices
Schwarz, I; Harats, MG; Livneh, N; Yochelis, S; Strauss, A; Zimran, A; Banin, U; Paltiel, Y; et al.
General closed-form condition for enhanced transmission in subwavelength metallic gratings in both TE and TM polarizations
Schwarz, I; Livneh, N; Rapaport, R;
OPTICS EXPRESS Volume: 20 Issue: 1 Published: JAN 2 2012 (Link)
Purification of single photons by temporal heralding of quantum dot sources
amza Abudayyeh, Boaz Lubotzky, Somak Majumder, Jennifer A. Hollingsworth, Ronen Rapaport
Published: 1 May 2018 (Link)
Quantum emitters coupled to circular nanoantennas for high brightness quantum light sources
amza Abudayyeh, Ronen Rapaport
Published: 1 Mar 2017 (Link)
Highly directional emission and photon beaming from nanocrystal quantum dots embedded in metallic nanoslit arrays
itzan Livneh, Ayelet Strauss, Ilai Schwarz, Itamar Rosenberg, Adiel Zimran, Shira Yochelis, Gang Chen, Uri Banin, et al.
Published: 19 Jan 2011
Enhancement of two photon processes in quantum dots embedded in subwavelength metallic gratings
oshe G. Harats, Ronen Rapaport, Adiel Zimran, Uri Banin, Gang Chen
Published: 17 Nov 2010 (Link)

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