Quantum Theory and Practice

Hello and welcome to the Quantum Information Science Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, dedicated to quantum information research and for the development and nurturing of collaborations between different disciplines of science involving quantum information.

The quantum center has been advancing and growing in depth and breadth over the past few years. We are in constant dialog with the different departments and university management to expand the horizons of quantum science at HUJI!
The recent explosion of interest in quantum technology world-wide has also brought about a deeper involvement of the center members in start-up activity, patenting and participation in applied research. At the end of 2018, HUJI hosted a unique national conference and the future of quantum technology in Israel, and brought together government, industry and academia to discuss future prospects.
We have also been strengthening our quantum education and outreach program, including the new Masters program in quantum information and technology for Physics major. This is a unique program, providing a rich and practical set of skills for the quantum scientist and engineer of the 21st century.


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