Quantum information science and technology has emerged as a new interdisciplinary paradigm for computation and communication in both theory and experiment for the 21st century. It is based on the inherent wave-like nature of matter and light and our increasing ability to fabricate, control, measure and understand advanced structures. Quantum systems are steadily becoming more complex, and a fantastic web of correlations forms in such systems, leading to dramatic speed-up in computation and secure communication.

Rising to this challenge, the Hebrew University has recruited an impressive cadre of over 20 researchers, dedicated to various aspects of quantum information science. The research topics covered by this cutting edge team include Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Philosophy and Engineering.

Crystallizing into a coherent group, we have founded the Quantum Information Science Center (QISC) at the Hebrew University. We believe that the only way to make ground-breaking advances in complex real world implementation and fundamental understanding, is the cross-fertilization between different fields and languages of science.

The aims of the QISC are:

  • Collaboration between faculty researchers in this field through joint seminars and formation of a common language between them. In parallel, we will establish a training program for our graduate students, including both theory and experimental know-how.
  • Supporting and aiding the recruitment of new quantum information researchers to the faculty by creating a dynamic and attractive environment for candidates in this field. The center will act as an anchor for funding and joint research.d.
  • Establishing international collaborations with similar quantum information centers around the world which will allow mobility of researches between centers (visitations, workshops, sabbaticals etc.) and further research funding.