Student Chapter

The Student Chapter of the Quantum Center's goal is to provide social and professional support for the students of the center. 


Our Goals: 

1. Prepare students for options after and during the graduate studies

2. Make the graduate studies period more enjoyable

3. Promote ongoing research and create collaborations

As a result, our hope is that the demand for quantum research will increase among students of all degrees.


Our two major initiatives:

* A digital platform in which we will upload posts on Quantum science and technologies.

* Monthly seminar that will host companies from the Israeli Quantum ecosystem, will present their work.

As well as, meeting that will focus on improving academic skills, and, last but not least, we will have social events simply to have fun.



Our digital platforms for quantum science education:    Facebook   Linked


The Student Chapter Events


The Team:

Zohar Nowik, Dror Liran, Kfir Sulimany, Alon Salhov