Congratulations to Shlomi Kotler!

Congratulations to Shlomi Kotler!

15 December, 2021

Shlomi Kotler's research on macroscopic entanglement has been awarded by physicsworld:

Quantum entanglement of two macroscopic objects is the Physics World 2021 Breakthrough of the Year – Physics World

The Physics World 2021 Breakthrough of the Year goes to two independent teams for entangling two macroscopic vibrating drumheads, thereby advancing our understanding of the divide between quantum and classical systems.The winners are Mika Sillanpää and colleagues at Aalto University, Finland and the University of New South Wales, Australia, together with a team led by John Teufel and Shlomi ...


The quantum community of HUJI is proud and excited by this world-class recognition.


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QEAM21- Early Adopters Meeting

13 September, 2021

Quantum computing is an emerging technology, with the potential to outperform classical computing (at least for some specific computationally hard problems). To reach this goal, scientists estimate that one needs millions of qubits operating at 99.9% fidelity (10^-3 error per gate). The best quantum computer currently available are limited to tens of qubits with 10^-2 errors. What can we do with these quantum computers? Recent works by early adopters show that current quantum computers on the cloud can be used to solve simple quantum molecules, realize foundational demonstrations with shallow algorithms, study the dynamics of quantum systems, and more. The Quantum computing on the cloud – Early Adopters Meeting (QEAM21) will review the current usage of quantum computers for industrial and academic purposes, in Israel. All active researchers in the field are welcome to submit an abstract below. Preference will be given to works that are either published or submitted to the arXiv.

Organizers: Emanuele Dalla Torre (Bar-Ilan University), Adi Makmal (Bar-Ilan University), and Raam Uzdin (Hebrew University)

Venue: Bar-Ilan University

Date: Monday, September 13, 2021

For Registration please click here -- deadline August 13, 2021


Seminar Lecture -Mr. Yuval Kolodny

Seminar Lecture -Mr. Yuval Kolodny

16 June, 2021

  Seminar Lecture of the Dept. of Applied Physics

Wednesday, June 16 at 11:30

Location: The seminar hall (room number 109) of the Institue of Earth Sciences

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"Quantum-Classical Control of Energy Transfer in Biological Light-Harvesting Systems and in Bio-Inspired Nano-devices "

Speaker: Mr. Yuval Kolodny

Affiliation: Prof. Yossi Paltiel, Applied Physics Department, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Photosynthesis is one of the fundamental processes of life. Its first step is light-harvesting: absorbing sunlight and transferring its energy to reaction centers, where it is converted to chemical energy. Sophisticated light-harvesting protein complexes have evolved to harvest light with extraordinary efficiency. The underlying physical mechanism of these complexes are still not fully understood, and the intriguing option that the mechanism involves quantum coherence, has been the recent focus of the growing field of quantum biology. In this talk I will share several approaches to study the control of energy transfer in these systems at the nanoscale: from organisms at their natural habitats, through bacteria grown under controlled conditions in the lab, to bio-mimicry using hybrid nano-structures of quantum dots and organic linkers.




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CMP seminar, 27/05/2021-Danciger B, Arijeet Pal

27 May, 2021

Refreshments at 12:00 seminar at 12:10, 

Title: Measurement induced entanglement transitions

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Abstract: The resilience of quantum entanglement to a classicality-inducing environment is tied to fundamental aspects of quantum many-body systems. The dynamics of entanglement has recently been studied in the context of measurement-induced entanglement transitions, where the steady-state entanglement collapses from a volume-law to an area-law at a critical measurement probability~$p_{c}$. Interestingly, there is a distinction in the value of $p_{c}$ depending on how well the underlying unitary dynamics scramble quantum information. For strongly chaotic systems, $p_{c} > 0$, whereas for weakly chaotic systems, such as integrable models, $p_{c} = 0$.

In this talk, I will discuss the measurement induced transitions in 2 classes of underlying unitary dynamics given by

1. Many-body localized Hamiltonians (MBL)
2. Random Clifford circuits
They are both efficiently simulable on classical computers. Eigenstates of MBL systems are area-law entangled, therefore can be expressed as shallow quantum circuits while polynomial time algorithms exist for simulation of Clifford circuits. I will highlight the nature of measurement induced transitions in these systems and discuss some of the open questions.

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Keysight Seminar on Quantum Technology

11 May, 2021

Location: Hebrew University Kaplon Bldg

Hour 10:30-12:00

Keysight Technologies is glad to invite you to quantum technology seminar.

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Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionize computing, sensing and communications across a broad range of industries. The emerging quantum ecosystem will drive the further development of sophisticated hardware and software solutions that will enable quantum technology for commercial scale. Take a deep dive into the quantum field and understand how Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, is driving advancements in the research and development of quantum computing and engineering.


  • Controlling Qubits- Challenges
  • Multi-qubit Control/Test System Hardware
  • Quantum Computing, Sensing and Communication test solutions
  • Test System Software:
    • Labber
    • Test Sync Executive
    • Quantum IP libraries
  • Demonstration in the University Quantum Computing Lab- qubit characterization experiments.


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