83836 Quantum Optics

Lecturer: Dr. Shlomi Kotler

Quantization of the EM field (short recap) , Field quadratures, connection to harmonic oscillator , Quantum vacuum, Casimir, Fock states, coherent states, thermal states, shift operator, Coherence, 2nd order coherence, Hanbury-Brown Twiss, Distribution functions (Wigner, Hussimi, P-representation), Squeezed-states, cat-states (applications to metrology, QI), Non-linear effects for creating squeezed/entangled states, Measurements, photon detection, homodyne, Hong-Ou-Mandel effect, Polarization ("internal" degree of freedom, photonic spin), Two-level system, coupling to classical field (Rabi, detuning, ...),Coupling to atoms, cavities (Jaynes-Cummings model, dressed-states) 

2nd semester