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Dipolar Fluids on a Chip – From Quantum Physics to Complex Circuitry

Wed, 06/05/201512:00
Bergman building seminar room, The Hebrew University
Prof. Ronen Rapaport, The Hebrew University

While we understand well how two classical dipoles interact with each other, the problem becomes much more complex and interesting when we put many dipoles together and form a dipolar fluid, especially when collective quantum effects become important. A dipolar exciton fluid in a semiconductor bilayer is a wonderful system to look for the very rich quantum-collective physics that is theoretically predicted for ultra-cold dipoles. Furthermore, these exciton fluids can be utilized for new types of circuitry on a chip.

I will give an overview of the recent research highlights on dipolar exciton fluids, with many new exciting observations such as a transition from a classical to a quantum correlated fluid, evidences for a macroscopic formation of an incompressible dark liquid, as well as observations of very long spin lifetimes. I will also present some proof-of-principle experiments of building blocks for a complex excitonic circuitry and of the ability to form dipolar molecules with out-of-plane interactions.