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Oxford Instruments Online seminar

Wed, 15/12/202113:30-15:30
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Alexandru Delamoreanu, Territory Sales Manager at Oxford Instruments


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Cryofree Instrumentation for Experiments on Quantum Materials

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Experiments at low temperatures, down to a few milliKelvin and at high magnetic fields offer unique opportunities to probe the physics of quantum materials.

In this presentation, Oxford Instruments NanoScience will share how sophisticated instrumentation allows us to study the fascinating properties of materials – reaching temperatures below 10 mK and magnetic fields up to 14 Tesla and more!

Find out how the cryofree Proteox and TeslatronPT are creating ultra-low temperature environments under high magnetic fields to unleash materials discovery.

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Topic: Cryofree Instrumentation for Experiments on Quantum Materials, Oxford Instruments
Time: Dec 15, 2021 01:30 PM Jerusalem

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