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The Quantum Center - Weekly Seminar

Tue, 29/03/202212:00-13:00
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Danziger B - Seminars Room
Dr. Aharon Brodutch

“Multi-QPU quantum computation and optical quantum interconnects” 

Speaker: Dr. Aharon Brodutch - Co-founder and CEO, Entangled NetworksToronto, Ontario, Canada 


Quantum computers are extremely difficult to scale up due to issues with noise, cooling, control, testing and manufacturing that become more difficult as the number of qubits increases. The most reasonable way to scale up to the millions of qubits required for error correction is to use a modular architecture made up of multiple quantum processing units (QPUs) that can exchange quantum information. Quantum interconnects are the physical devices used to create an inter-QPU quantum communication channel. In this talk I will describe the basic operation of two main types of interconnects that allow either direct or entanglement-mediated communication. I will then describe some of the challenges at the logical level including communication protocols and compilation procedures and present some results on the near-term applicability of optical quantum interconnects.