The Hebrew University offers various courses related to quantum theory, quantum computation and quantum information.

Here are but a few:

67596 Introduction to Quantum Computation
Given by: Prof. Michael Ben-Or
Over the past decade a new field called "Quantum Computation" has emerged and has become one of the most revolutionary and interesting areas of science today. The essence of this field is the understanding that quantum physics based physical systems will be able to perform calculations operations and information processing at unprecedent speeds compared to existing "normal" computers. The course will go over important theoretical developments of the field, including fast quantum algorithms of factorization and finding a needle in a haystack, quantum error correction, quantum cryptography information and more. The material covered will touch some mathematics and physics subjects but no prior knowledge of these shall be needed. (more information)
67821 Reading Seminar in Theory
Given by: Prof. Dorit Aharonov
Several computer science theory inter-related subjects shall be discussed according to the participants choice. Recent research results from articles at the forefront of quantum computation and information processing shall be addressed and presented by the participants. (more information)
77619 New Ideas and Experiments in Quantum Theory
Given by: Prof. Yoel Tikochinsky
Classical probability, quantom probability - amplitude and Born rules. Quantum state measurement using complementary measurements, hidden variables, multi-particle interference, quantum computation and information: teleportation, encoding and quantum computing algorithms. (more information)
77693 Physical Optics
Given by: Dr. Nadav Katz
The course's objective is teaching in an orderly fashion the subject of linear physical optics, emphasizing the notion of coherence (spatial, polarization and quantum). Some of the material covered: Maxwell's equations, plane waves, dispersion, geometric/paraxial/scalr/semi-classical/iconal approximations, geometrical optics (rays, thin lenses, mirrors, abberations, basic microscopy/telescopy), optical coherence, polarization, Fourier optics, analog signal processing, resonators, interferometry and scattering, introduction to quantum optics and non-linear quantum optics. (more information)
77800, 77801 Advanced Quantum Theory I, II
Given by: Prof. Jacob D. Bekenstein
The quantum formalism, quantum dynamics, the Feynman path integral, scattering theory, quantum systems in magnetic field, second quantization, relativistic wave equation, the classical theory of fields, the quantum scalar field, the Dirac field, the quantum electromagnetic field, introduction to quantum electrodynamics (more information)
77911 Physical Implementations of Quantum Information
Given by: Dr. Nadav Katz
Overview of controllable quantum system shall be given. Core quantum coherence concepts. Optical systems, trapped ions, nuclear magnetic resonance, super-conducters and semi-conducters. Alternative models analysis (adiabatic and topological calculations). (more information)
77982 Macroscopic and Mesoscopic Quantum Phenomena
Given by: Prof. Edouard Sonin
The course shall explore quantum phenomena taking place in macroscopical systems (systems with extremely large number of particles) and mesoscopical systems which lie on the boundary between the macroscopical and microscopical systems. Two main subjects will be focused on. One is super-conductivity and super-fluidity - general concepts (including phase transition), steady-state currents, critical velocities and vortices. The other is mesoscopical tunneling junctions in super-conductive and normal systems - Josephson's junction, quantum-macroscopical tunneling phenomenon and dissipation, tunneling junction and environment interaction (quantum model) and more. (more information)
15846 Philosophy of Physics
Given by: Dr. Meir Buzaglo
Core issues and questions on the boundary beween philosophy and physics will be addressed. Special relativity and quantum physics are amongst the subjects debated. (more information)

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